Plan Management

Plan Management

The National Disability Insurance Scheme will be life changing for people with a disability. Many will receive funding for the first time and all will benefit from greater choice and control.

To exercise that choice and control some will need guidance and all will need access to knowledge. That is where Plan Management comes in.

Let us help you make the most of your opportunity. We have knowledge and systems that give you More Choice without the Complexity – we are intent on Putting You in Control.


PIYC Plan Management work with service providers to ensure people with a disability receive the right service for them. Through our provider network, we make it easy for our participants to find the service that helps them to realize their potential and live their life


Once your plan is approved, we can manage your plan for you by initiating the support services, organizing service agreements, liaison with service providers, paying invoices and providing monthly reports on the expenditure of funds. The main benefit of using a plan manager is that you are not required to use registered service providers, this is helpful if,

For example, you would like to attend a camp which is organized by a service provider which is not registered with NDIS or you have been receiving support services from an organization which is not registered with NDIS.

Most importantly, this service comes at no cost to you! The funding for plan management is provided by NDIS and is added to your approved plan - it is not taken from your support funding.


You can read more about the support items and find TTP price list in the NDIS: Download Link


Why Choose Us?

Partner In Your Care has one main objective, and that is to provide a service that enhances your quality of life and enables you to continue to live in your own home.

Support services can take care of many worries of participant who choose to remain in their homes experience. Issues such as loneliness, difficulty with mobility, transport and isolation can be alleviated as we discuss and plan services that will be best suited to each individual Participant.
To know more about how PIYC can support you with your NDIS plan. contact our friendly staff on
1300 436 114

In consultation with you, and your family carer , we can identify what services will best meet your needs. PIYC team will be able to develop a service program alliance with your NDIS goals

PIYC is focus on careers strength and offer opportunity to share experience.

Many peoples have multiple goals, some goals can take a day or two to achieve, other goals take months even years. we help you break goal down in to measurable, achievable chunks. And then, we support you to take steps as needed.

Our Participant Say

My fortnightly respite house, helps my mum to have a break and I get to meet my friends at respite house where we go out for different social outings. It also helps my mum to have a break as she is turning 75 year. Support staff encourage me and direct me to do my daily task during respite which help me to build skills.

- Andy,

I look forward to my weekly BBQ on Saturday. We do cooking and play basketball. Sometime we also go for walk around the park after BBQ. I have made few friends at the park as well.

- Joseph,

PIYC support staff assist me 3 days a week. I like the way support staff sit with me every Monday to develop my weekly plan and build routine in my life.

- Chris,

Do you have your NDIS plan approved?

If You have any query please contact with us

If you would like to speak to a PIYC staff member or have a general inquiry, please contact us as below. We would like to discuss your need and goals to fulfill your dreams.

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  • Phone: 1300 436 114
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