Working At PIYC

PIYC welcomes talented, skilled, dedicated and passionate individuals that support people with disabilities, their families and carers.

When you work for us you’ll be challenged and rewarded by the positive impact your work has on the lives of people with disability, their families and carers.

PIYC is a rapidly growing organisation which is rich in knowledge and networks that have been established with the community over many years of service.

Why to work for PIYC?

  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Learning and development
  • Career pathways

Contact PIYC Careers Team

If you are someone who likes to accept a challenge, have passion to assist people to achieve their goals and take on different responsibilities to enrich the quality of life for people with disabilities. PIYC will like you to work in our team! Please send your resume and cover letter to or fill in the contact form below.

Qualification (Certificate 3 in individual support or equivalent)?

Qualification Do you have working rights in Australia?

Qualification Are you able to perform physical duties of providing care such as transferring clients and equipment?

Qualification Do you have a valid driver's license from your current state?

Do you have regular access to a vehicle with insurance coverage for you?

Note*: Only JPEG/JPG/PNG/DOCX/DOC/PDF formats file allowed!
Note*: Only JPEG/JPG/PNG/DOCX/DOC/PDF formats file allowed!